Fake Our Deaths

she sailed away in a glass blown boat
to take the edges off the world
come back when you can
they all held in their throats
she ran beneath warm green waves
swam the creek bed roads
fell asleep with palm trees
whispering what they know

the dark birch and red winds
sung and carried to her ears
old songs ancient things
dug from the land and its gears
til one day the land moved away
she woke alone on her boat
with no name, no face
adrift as the last sun rose


notes: a box full of hammers, nails and bolts. arms hurt for days afterwards. singing about a warmth at the end of the world in a freezing big room in preston. cold as hell. the worst acoustic guitar doing its best to stay in tune. one of the best accidental lead guitar breaks in the world playing off the piano in some secret marriage. a bunch of dissonant surprise at the end. beautifully untuned and tacked piano. remember being in a bad mood around the vocals. don’t know why. like so many songs on Fake Our Deaths we got it so right on the recording that we could never even come close when playing it live. sounds exactly what it’s about and there’s nothing else you could wish for.



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2 responses to “Gold

  1. Renee

    Following Alanna’s footsteps I would like to thank you also and I thought you all would appreciate a comment. A comment not out of sympathy nor necessity, but honesty. As much honesty about reaction as is possible to obtain through words anyway.

    It was Alanna who introduced me to the wonderful assault of beats, lyrics and imagery of your music. I am away from home for an extended period of time and to escape I find myself visiting these pages.

    If you wouldn’t mind, i would like attempt to create some kind of graphic representation, a storyline of imagery from your songs. It would be nice to have something other than a University degree to accomplish, though it would be a slow progress.

  2. delorisband

    Renee if you’re looking for our blessing, you have it. I would love to see it.

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