Woah Oh (demo version)


I remember excitedly listening to this in the car after recording it, after making up the singing/chord changes on the spot, and thinking it sounds exactly like what it’s about.

Original version from Ten Lives:



The words beside your picture
Are the ones across the phone
same ones yelled through a prison speaker
Ordering the soap and combs
Oh I spoke the word to make her come
And marching on a hill
one million men leaned in and listened
to me say ‘If this hell, we’ve done it well’

so the future is a hotel bed
the past is something someone says
so the words here now I sing for you
is every word that can be used
and everything that’s happening
is an instance of how it’s been
and will be long after we
have run our tongues along our pretty teeth

so the bluestone slab at my front step
Is the same one around the head
Of my grandfathers sleepy bed
And his father’s baby steps
were the body that you tried to sack
When it fell clean out your back
on the edges of a claw leg bath
A nervous start to the years of laughing

Come we gather round the statue
To try to find our tears he’d use
If his copper eyes could see us
Always returning for forgiveness
Oh goodness

So the wood we broke to beat and cave
Their heads in here it creaks and sways
Cracks open the doors to take
The kids mother away
While you pick your teeth
We use black keys to teach them how to play
even as I dream on it tonight
my daughter’s son bows it’s frame the same

And the clouds that were the cigarette
Are the same slow burn effect
Left behind both your eyes each time
you lean outside the movie set
dry ice blows about her car
Ribbons out between the stars
The kids down in the drinking yard
Look up into the maw and skol

always hiding from your friends
all the things that make you love them
pretty baby wakes and says
oh I had dreams but I forget them so
don’t sleep again

And love you are the one who runs
Your fingers on my neck
And floats along a filthy pond with wood
tied across your back
you made a call even while stroking
the waiter in the tower
Still with vines around his legs ready
To jump into your shower

And friend you are the thing that said
We’ll never be alive again
Let’s shave our heads let the blood
Bloom across our collars
were it not something that happens
just the moment that you need it
Move it round your mouth, spit It out
upon the surface heaving
If you mean it

mother was a social worker
brother cut the wood from trees
dad helped ships towards their berth
sister’s something more ghostly
she flits around and never sleeps
whispers soft and out of key
towards me coming in the dark
to wrap her hand around my little heart

and pump it with a see-through wrist
that’s partly mine and partly hers and his
I guess it’s the wrist of everyone
that ever wanted it

who wanted it


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