R.I.P Mark Linkous

Someone had played a track by this new band, Sparklehorse, on Triple R. A friend had heard it and, as I was going to the city that weekend, asked me to pick up the record for him. Which had the improbable title Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot.

From that moment on I was obsessed with Sparklehorse. Everything about it; the songs, the lyrics, the instrumentation, the production, the imagery…the weightless exotic-ness of it all. Every one of Mark Linkous’ albums would have a huge effect on me, and I can say that he was one of my most favourite and influential musicians to have ever lived; I would always hugely anticipate his next record. And now sadly, no more.

My equally enamored friends and I were lucky enough to see Sparklehorse when they came out to Australia in 1996, on the back of their, then new, Good Morning Spider record. Their one and only tour to Australia. It cemented the love.

R.I.P Mark Linkous. If you’ve never heard Sparklehorse before, or have only ever listened in passing, I envy you. Start at the beginning. They’re all amazing.

If you have, you’ll know how much this sucks.



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  1. joseph

    Beautifully said.

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