This song was recorded at Back Beach studios in Rye in 1995. Fifteen years ago. Shit. It was about this time of year too.

Deloris – ‘Hunting’ [mp3]

Luke played drums, Simon played bass, and I played guitars and sang. The engineer at the studio was used to recording metal bands, so of course everything is compressed to hell and my guitar sounds like it never did ever again. It was recorded to DAT.

‘Hunting’ was the last song on our 4 song second demo. We recorded the whole thing and mixed it in two days. There’s angst, there’s screaming, there’s influences, there’s wall of sound guitars and all the other stuff you’re into at one point. God forbid the whole demo (and its predecessor) should ever see the light of day. This was never really “Deloris”. But still, there’s something about the arrangement(s) and ideas here that suggested a lot of what would be. Still is.



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3 responses to “Hunting

  1. that lego guy

    This is good. You should put this as an mp3.

  2. delorisband

    Hi lego guy. Sorry, I thought I had. Here it is.

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