‘My Part In The Sinking’

Back when Deloris first started, we had a friend of the band come to pretty much every show we played. He would record all of our sets and put a timestamp on them and generally encourage us through a bunch of shitty gigs somewhere empty on a mid-week night.

Just this week a few of these recordings have been unearthered. The quality’s not great but…it’s so surprising to me now that we at least seemed to know what we were doing. There’s even a few songs that I’d completely forgotten we’d ever written – ones we never recorded in any shape or form.

Maybe some time we’ll post the whole lot but for now, here’s a track from our first record Fraulein, ‘My Part In the Sinking’, being played to close our first ever set at the Punters Club – on a Tuesday – in 1998.

Deloris – ‘My Part In The Sinking’ (Punters Club 1998) (mp3)

And here’s the original from Fraulein in all it’s DAT recorded, Big Muff-pedal, drum reverb, mixed in a a few hours glory:

Deloris – ‘My Part In The Sinking’ Fraulein version (mp3)

Thanks Damien


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  1. Luke Shea

    Pretty sure I was at that gig. My debut deloris gig. You had me at hello.

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