Rarities and 2002 Deloris doco

Not sure what’s spurring on a current interest in getting some shit together, but we’re currently putting together a compilation of a bunch of stuff Deloris never released. Or barely did. Some offcuts from The Pointless Gift and Fake Our Deaths, b-sides, live stuff, rehearsal room songs that never made it to the studio, demos and live to air things. I don’t know why. We just may as well. Will be up as an album (or two) on bandcamp before too long. I don’t know if anyone’s even interested in these things anymore.

Weirdly, we also have a semi-pro, hour long movie-doco of Deloris working on early demos for Fake Our Deaths. It was filmed in an old house in Sassafrass, near the Dandenongs in Victoria, in 2002 by our friend Stuart Charles.

And so, here it is. Click through for the big version:

Deloris – Sassafras 2002 from Simon Heelis on Vimeo.


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