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Rarities and 2002 Deloris doco

Not sure what’s spurring on a current interest in getting some shit together, but we’re currently putting together a compilation of a bunch of stuff Deloris never released. Or barely did. Some offcuts from The Pointless Gift and Fake Our Deaths, b-sides, live stuff, rehearsal room songs that never made it to the studio, demos and live to air things. I don’t know why. We just may as well. Will be up as an album (or two) on bandcamp before too long. I don’t know if anyone’s even interested in these things anymore.

Weirdly, we also have a semi-pro, hour long movie-doco of Deloris working on early demos for Fake Our Deaths. It was filmed in an old house in Sassafrass, near the Dandenongs in Victoria, in 2002 by our friend Stuart Charles.

And so, here it is. Click through for the big version:

Deloris – Sassafras 2002 from Simon Heelis on Vimeo.


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Deloris touring: 2007

The Ten Lives period. In 2006 and 2007, Ben Gook (Deloris bassist, 2005 onwards) took a lot of photos as we toured. Bits and pieces here and there, but mostly either launching Ten Lives, or while touring with Something For Kate.

Soundcheck in Adelaide in

Soundcheck – Adelaide


Teague – Driving – Perth

Deloris at the Tote, December
Dan @ the Tote Jan 2007

The Tote – Melbourne

Merch @ Spectrum Jan 2007

Merch – Sydney


The Hopetoun setlist – Sydney

Perth, April 2007

Ant and Hugh – Driving – Perth

Perth, April 2007
Perth 2007

Teague teaching Hugh – Bunbury, WA

Marcus holding Adam Said Galore's drum skin, at the same studio we recorded The Pointless Gift at in 1999, Perth 2007

Marcus holding Adam Said Galore’s drum skin at the same studio we recorded The Pointless Gift at in 1999 – Perth
'Ten Lives' launch at The Rosemount, Perth 2007

The Rosemount – Perth

Deloris played an intricate and near-flawless set to a packed crowd. Their indie-rock numbers (most from current album Ten Lives, released late last year) won the crowd over and received massive applause. Think of all the things you like about this style of music and Deloris meld it together effortlessly.

Teague showed that a band can be just as impressive, if not more, without the need for a dramatic stage show and proved they didn’t have to rely on tricks to win the crowd over as they opened their set with Everything Ever. Guitarist Anthony Petrucci provided exceptional backing vocals and addition of tambourine and tracks like Unbroke Part of it and Woah Oh left an impression that had the crowd pondering how first-rate this band was. – Fasterlouder

'Ten Lives' launch at the Rosemount, Perth 2007

The Rosemount – Perth

Marcus plays a solo instore at 78 Records in Perth, early 2007
Marcus solo instore at 78 Records – Perth

Fremantle, early 2007

Soundcheck – Fremantle

Fremantle pier, early 2007

Marcus – Pier – Fremantle

Ruby's bandroom, Belgrave

Bandroom – Ruby’s, Belgrave

Deloris at Ruby's Belgrave, Joe's first show April 2007
Marcus and Anthony, Canberra 2007
Deloris @ the Phoenix, Canberra, 2007
Deloris @ the Phoenix, Canberra, 2007

Deloris – Canberra

Joe @ The Forum, Something for Kate tour, late 2007
Deloris soundcheck @ The Forum, Something For Kate tour 2007
Marcus and Anthony @ The Forum, Something For Kate tour, Oct 2007
Deloris soundcheck, Something for Kate tour Oct 2007
Deloris soundcheck @ The Forum, Oct 2007
Anthony and Ben, pre-Forum show Oct 2007
Tim, Pat and Marcus, pre-Forum show, Oct 2007
Something For Kate, Forum Oct 2007
Clap Clap

Deloris – The Forum, Melbourne with Something For Kate

Joe backstage at Fowlers Live, Adelaide Oct 2007
Deloris, Fowler's live Oct 2007
Ben, backstage at Fowler's Live, Adelaide 2007

Deloris – Fowler’s Live, Adelaide with Something For Kate

Fly by Night in Freo, WA
Ant and Joe, Freo 2007

Fly By Night – Fremantle

Newcastle airport

Trouble – Newcastle

Nutrition, Newcastle

Nutrition – Newcastle

This guys asked us to sign his arse

This guy asked us to sign his arse – Newcastle

Metro, Sydney

The Metro – Sydney

Back steps of The Zoo, Brisbane
Ian On, Marcus, Brisbane
The Zoo, Brisbane

Deloris – The Zoo, Brisbane

Melbourne five-piece Deloris are a welcome sight after a long break between acts, and enter into what is the start of a powerful set. There are no angular haircuts or skinny jeans here, just brutally honest and impeccably beautiful indie-pop tunes. Front man Marcus Teague is an impressive poet, and his delicate vocals are perfectly complimented by the obviously polished and well-worn band behind him. Triple J favourite The Unbroke Part Of It impresses the now sold-out crowd, but Loup Garou off their Ten Lives LP is the clear highlight, a guitar-driven burrow of finger picked hooks and melody. – Rave

Something For Kate signing off in Brisbane

Something for Kate – sign off, Brisbane

Teague and Dempsey square off

Teague and Dempsey square off


More if you want.

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Everything Ever

well then…

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