Deloris ‘Happy New Year’ – video clip (1999)


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Feather Figure – video clip (2005)

Feather Figure from YW on Vimeo.

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9th October 2004 – Darren Hanlon support, Hi-Fi bar, Melbourne

First (sorta) show of our tour. Well we organised our tour and then got asked to support Darren this a week before our own gigs so…if the shoe fits. It’s also election night, which after David Dondero’s set and while beginning our rider, we’re informed that Howard’s won by a mile. Mood is bleak. Which suits us ok we play a bunch of quieter stuff tonight, cause we got Katie on cello and a piano loaned from Darren’s touring keyboard player. Play well. Go with Darren’s band to a bar afterwards and stay out too late.

Fri 15th October – Hopetoun Hotel, Sydney

Sydney launch. Drive up the day before the show is notable for me winning $20 from Daniel over an argument about going the wrong way. Sweet vindication pays so fine. The car stereo yields Tom Waits, The Nation Blue, Nuetral Milk Hotel and Modest Mouse. Arrive in Sydney to find pole posters haven’t been put up. Good start. Get to gig in the arvo and go through a song. Some guy having a beer says ‘Sounds good…I might stay’. Promising. Start soundchecking and find out the band the night before has blown one of the PA speakers. Fuckers. Makes the right side of the room sound like an AM radio…and on the one night we planned to play in hi-fi. We go ahead with the gig, Audiophile and Ides of Space in support. Mixmaster Steve ‘Fostex’ Foster does a stirling job of making it palatable. Even with a broken wing The Hopetoun is pretty good to us. Get back on for an encore and finish with the bulbous epic of ‘Colleague…’ which goes swimmingly til it’s crucial finale where the song doubles back on itself and finally makes sense, and yet here starts going awry. Daniel gets a cymbal caught under one of his rack toms and at exactly the same time I step back and knock my lead out. Plug back in quickly and intend on lengthening climax to save face. No one else notices my genius idea and finishes in regular spot, so in a rush of adolescent fury, I take off my guitar and slam it to the ground through a wall of feedback and we step off stage. Walk off wondering how much a 1973 Fender Telecaster Deluxe costs.

Sat 16th October – Northern Star, Newcastle

After a ragged instore performance at Troy Horse in Sydney, we travel north with heavy heads to the uh…Northen Star. Audiophile are in support again, playing on their home field, and we’ve had some age-old support in this town thanks to ex-labelmates and strummers in arms Purplene spawning from here, so should be ok. Arrive at pub to find they won’t let us stay like we usually do as they don’t want anymore bands there. “Youse all just get drunk and fuckin fuck around…and anyway the races are on this week and we’re fuckin full….I mean if you were Missy Higgins or somethin it’d be different.” Curse lack of Missy Higgins-a-likes in band.

Get lost on drive to Adam Purplene/Audiophile’s place and have defeated beer in isolated railway-side pub. Adam finally calls to tell us we’re on the wrong side of town. We get there eventually and it’s a nice little pad, we drop our stuff and saunter over to some pub for dinner with various band members and local dwellers. The chicken burger is apalling and Simon accidentally gets sauce on his chips and threatens to go postal. Luckily a swap is made and violence is averted.

Highlights of the gig:

–        Decent & rowdy crowd, many of whom purchase cd’s

–        middle-aged man dancing with his shirt almost fully undone showing a brillo-like carpet of hair

–        missy higgins conveniently leaving her fairy lights on the roof from the night before, and thus helping to disguise the shithouse faux-ship cabin interior plastered within

–        sweat rock

We load out, crash at Adams for 2 hours sleep before hauling ourselves back to Melbourne on a 13 hour ‘no one speaking’ car ride. Rock.

Sat 23rd October – Jade Monkey, Adelaide

w/ New Buffalo + No Through Road

Adelaide is notoriously fickle. Last time we played here, the Adelaide arts festival opening night parade, involving literally thousands of people was happening not 15 metres from the venue. Coupled with a first on band who ingloriously decided to start at 10pm, it was thin. We were pleasantly surprised then to find a pretty full and enthusiastic venue come see us and New Buffalo in our first of two duo launches together. A tricky prospect when you’ve got two opposing veins of music going on but we should be alright.

Arrive at Jon from Brer Mouse’s house and I pass out on his bed while others go in search of local foodstuffs. Daniel’s flown in so he’s already in the bowels of the city somewhere doing his dirty work. Have fitful sleep and wake up hoping I haven’t drooled too badly on John’s pillow before heading to the venue and setting up.

October 30
The Corner
W/ New Buffalo + Wolf & Cub

Nov 5 – Mojo’s  – Fremantle
W/ the tigers

Nov 6 – The Amplifier
W/ adam said galore

Nov 7 – The Hyde Park – Perth
W/ mukaizake

Nov 25 – Spectrum – Sydney
W/ new buffalo + wolf and cub

Nov 26 – Spectrum – Sydney
W/ new buffalo + wolf and cub


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There was never much footage shot of Deloris. There’s some awful rehearsal-in-a-living-room footage buried somewhere, as well as some actually OK stuff we once shot at a house in Phillip Island. What we do have is some VHS shot in the first hot flush of touring, when we first journeyed through NSW. Original bassist Simon Heelis is currently putting together some of this stuff for viewing. 95% of it is unwatchable. When the 5% percent of it that is worthwhile comes together, we’ll let you — dear reader (singular) — know.


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Fake Our Deaths – purchase/listen


You can now listen to and purchase Fake Our Deaths for whatever you like, over here:

Fake Our Deaths

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As one kind soul on the Sydney leg of the Single Twin tour pointed out, some people do read this blog from time to time. So, been meaning to do an update.

The album launch tour of my Single Twin record is nearly over for the time being. After playing Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane and Brisbane, it’s time to bring it home with a matinee performance this coming Sunday 28th at the Northcote Social Club in Melbourne. So we will.

You can keep up to date with all things Single Twin, including pics and video clips and complaining, at the Single Twin facebook. Go:

Here’s solo footage preceding a stupidly scenic show we did on a rooftop in Sydney the other week:

In other news…some members of Deloris have a new band that they’ve been working on for much longer than is healthy. It’s called Near Myth and you’ll hear our first single before the end of the year. Good.


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Single Twin album ‘Marcus Teague’ out this week

My debut solo album is out this week under the Single Twin moniker. Rejoice. Only 6 or so years in the making.

Single Twin LP cover

You can buy it now on iTunes, in Australian stores from this coming weekend or from me if you like your album covers fingerprinty. Listen (and download) some of it now from my bandcamp.


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